The old quarter, where I am staying is vibrant, colourful and bustling. Life is literally lived on the streets. People work, play and eat on the streets with a population density greater than Manhattan. My biggest challenge though was to cross the road! There are no traffic lights and the mopeds never stop coming. If you stand and wait you stand out like a sore thumb. One lady said to me, as I was hesitating, ” walk slowly and they will be able to gauge your speed and avoid you!”-



My boat cruise to Halong bay was simply magical. The Bhaya number 4 small, authentic junk boat was a delight. I met lovely people and had a wonderful time whilst gaining valuable information from those who have been to Cambodia. I enjoyed watching the film Indochina made in 1992 en Francais under the stars! It is a very poignant time here as it is the 60th anniversary of Vietnam’s liberation from the French.




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