Crabs, monks and plankton!

Kep Crab Market “is a little piece of authentic Cambodia”. The market is an oceanside cluster of rickety old wooden shacks hugging the water’s edge and it has a great feel to it.



Koh Tunsay (Rabbit Island) is located in The Gulf of Thailand about five kilometres south of Kep. It is hilly, covered with coconut palms and dense jungle. Five of us walked around three quarters of the perimeter in flip flops! Chris managed to complete, he said at times that he was on all fours and battling with the coral. When we came across an isolated hut where a local fishing family lived, we hired their fishing boat for ten dollars to take us back to the main beach.
It is underdeveloped so there are only basic huts and some restaurant shacks but fresh fish in abundance and a plateful of shrimps caught that morning costs five dollars.


I had been speaking to these monks earlier in the day but when they walked along the beach I couldn’t resist asking them for this unique photo. I don’t suppose that they have any idea how many people are going to see it!
One of the highlights of the weekend was going swimming after the generators were turned off at midnight, when the plankton create an amazing colourful underwater light show.


7 thoughts on “Crabs, monks and plankton!

  1. Robert & Barbara

    Hi Irene
    You have certainly seen a great deal. your memories will stay with you forever. I hope you have received my previous replies. Speak to you soon.
    Best wishes Robert


  2. Maxine Halford

    Hi Irene, just love reading your blog, you’re having the most wonderful time. Life will never be quite the same for you. Thanks for taking the time. Lots of love, Maxine


    1. busybeeirene Post author

      Hi Maxine, yes there’s always something to write about. I am in Kampot for the weekend with the other volunteers, they are smashing bunch at present. Back to Hope later today. Thanks for messages lots of love xx


    1. busybeeirene Post author

      Hi Kath! Yes, I am going travelling on Friday for last two weeks, like a backpacker! The ducks don’t quack and are pretty ugly, it’s just another dimension to life in a third world country. Xx



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