A weekend in Paradise

The ferry from Sihanoukville (aka Costa del Cambodia) is an hours speed boat ride to Koh Rong Island. We came as a group of volunteers but two of us wanted a more luxurious experience (surprise surprise) than the local youth hostel and we found it in Paradise Bungalows.
It has an amazingly chilled atmosphere and great music, managed by Chris, a very amicable German guy and for only ten dollars more.

This is our bungalow with a great outside private shower.

There’s a bungalow on site where a local family live and offer massage and other basic beauty facilities. I had thought that I would have a lovely aromatherapy massage with local oils to ‘reduce stress and aid relaxation’ but on returning I decided to try the Khmer massage. What an experience…I actually wasn’t sure where my body ended and her’s began. I should have realised when I was given the Karate type suit to wear!
It’s meant to aid blood circulation and detoxification. She put me into positions that I could never perform on my own without professional assistance and one hour later, I think that I have regained the inch in height that I have lost over the years!

All in all a most pleasant weekend.


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