A typical day’s activities

As part of the bigger picture at Hope School we rise early to do ‘gardening chores’ this involves clearing the land for further basic building works. This morning we were moving rocks which had been dumped in a random pile to the back of the land, being careful to avoid scorpions and red ants, who have a nasty bite.
This was followed by a cold bucket shower and reapplication of 100 per cent deet and sun cream. This is an ongoing necessity in this tropical heat as we are still in the rainy season. We are having torrential showers at times although mainly at night now with temperatures averaging 30 degrees and today reaching 34 degrees, it was very humid.
Next I washed my sleeping bag and sheet, a good day to do this as I am staying on site today.
My current reading book is Red Lights and Green Lizards – A Cambodian Adventure by Liz Anderson. It was a gift from my friend Maxine which I am throughly enjoying and it is giving me good background information regarding Cambodia and it’s culture.
Jason’s sister works in the kitchen area and cooks a limited menu if requested. So far I have only tried the egg baguette for one dollar if I am really hungry for lunch. The Cambodian’s use a high amount of oil in their cooking.
There are paddy fields across the road from Hope School and this is where I go to play my pipes at four o’clock each day as there is a thirty minute break between classes, although I think that I am far enough away to not cause any disruption!
After piping It’s time for lesson planning and then teaching. The Gryffindor’s are working really hard and I know that I am pushing them but still my numbers are up! I am really encouraging them to speak in class and I get the feeling that this is new to them. They much prefer being given exercises to copy and complete. So it’s onwards and upwards for all of us and luckily there is always banter to fall back on!
We have supper at half past six and it is traditional Khmer cuisine. It always feels much later as it is dark around six o’clock. Bedtime is usually around ten o’clock before the rain starts, if we are lucky…





11 thoughts on “A typical day’s activities

  1. ellarobinson3

    Mum – absolutely amazing pictures!!! Really really cool. I enjoyed the blog post as well. Sounds like such a positive thing you’re doing with the children. I’m sure you’re the most motivating teacher there!! Hopefully Skype this weekend xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Maxine Halford

    Oh Irene I had tears in my eyes reading your blog, again evoking memories of such wonderful people, you are so right about the humour too – they laughed at Dennis’ ample tummy! You like Liz Anderson (I felt humble after reading her book) are making such a difference to there lives. X

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Steve Sheldon

    Loving the pictures, especially the one showing the view you have whilst playing.

    You seem to have answered some of the questions that I’ve had. What does the Kymer cuisine consist of (apart from oil) ? Oh yes and what do the kids call you ?

    Best get on with the building work, as it sounds as if class numbers are going one-way. Keep up the great work and enjoy



      1. Sonya burke

        Irene !!! We miss you and we are all so proud of you. I absolutely love your blog and l laughed at times as l know how determind you can be , keep up the fantastic work and lots of love from sonya and all 🌹🌹🌹🌹


      2. busybeeirene Post author

        Thanks so much Sonya, I am definitely missing you all but I am on a mission here so that pushes me forwards but at times I have laughed my socks off with everything, it’s completely random and I haven’t been able to blog it all! Xxx


  4. Robert & Barbara

    Hello Irene
    Yes at last we have managed to find you, and I must say you look very professional on the bagpipes. We have read your blogs with interest, and you certainly look to be having a great time along with your fellow volunteers. You will certainly notice the difference in temperatures when you get home. Take care, and enjoy the rest of your stay. Robert



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