Irene’s legacy

All my senses came together whilst piping early this morning! The paddy field where I play was being ploughed, the dogs although initially howling settled, children were sitting on the bank and in the distance rice was being harvested. There was a moment when everything was ‘in tune’ and I was in the zone!

Today we have upgraded from bucket shower to power shower, well that’s what it feels like! If I had realised that all I had to do was make the suggestion I would have done it sooner but anyway it’s my legacy that I am leaving to Hope.

Sad news, I am losing a Gryffindor! Srey Pou has made a decision to support her friend and is moving to her class so although I will still be able to keep an eye on her, she is a real character and will be hugely missed.




4 thoughts on “Irene’s legacy

  1. Steve

    Sorry did not recognise you in the first picture. Smashing one of you in the shower, and oh what an impression you’ve made on at least one of your students. Forward.



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  2. Janet Appleyard

    Wow, love the shower, am jealous! glad you seem to be settling into the way of life, it’s so different but you appear to be doing really well. Sad to hear about Shrey Pou, she is a real character and very intelligent but it’s really nice of her to support her friend. look forward to your next post xx

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  3. Robert

    Hello Irene
    It is certainly a trip you will remember for a lifetime, and you have certainly left a lasting impression on your students. I bet you would like to take Srey Pou home with you.
    Best wishes Robert



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