Hope’s ducks

An eventful week!
Jason has been planning to have ducks here for some time, in fact the duck house was built last year by Dusty. He’s been a previous project manager here as a volunteer and now lives in Phnom Penh. His daughter, a teacher in England recently fund raised two hundred pounds to buy the ducks amongst other needed items.
Manual labour has been the order of the day, from removing a massive tree trunk to digging a small pond and starting to build a shady area. Adequate fencing has been put in place to keep the dogs out.
Jason will have an idea and then somehow it happens. As an example we have put the posts in for the shady area but they weren’t cut to size first, so they are all different lengths! But there’s no doubt in my mind that it will be fine.

The fifty three ducks were collected from the duck farm on Wednesday evening and are now settled. They will be looked after until it’s time for them to be sold thus providing a much needed income. The building work has already begun for another duck house and sixty more ducks are arriving shortly, there will eventually be two hundred in total.
We stretched the Gryffindor’s this week by moving them out of their comfort zone encouraging them to construct their own sentences rather than relying on the text. We were impressed by their efforts, everyone tried but it still remains difficult for some of them.
The Penguins are amazingly keen and eager to learn. They love reading their story books and they all want to read out loud. It’s a great confidence boost for them. Gemma came this week who is a pre school teacher from Australia and has joined my class. She has been giving Raksmey some individual support but unfortunately we haven’t seen him for three days and I miss him. I believe that he lives a long distance away and maybe he is helping with the rice harvesting but situations here are accepted and not questioned.
I took these photos whilst walking in the rice fields near the school, it is interesting to watch the rice being harvested and all the family play a part.



On Friday afternoon after my lesson with the Penquins (under the shelter) I introduced the bagpipes to them of course with my usual howling companions it was quite a racket but pretty surreal was the other volunteer’s reactions!



5 thoughts on “Hope’s ducks

    1. busybeeirene Post author

      Hi Robert, that’s a very good question and I am going to ask Vannack, my interpreter to ask them in the lesson today. My own feeling is that had never seen or heard anything like it!


  1. marion tarrant

    Hi Irene I agree with your friends what wonderful pictures. I am sure you will miss all their lovely smiley faces. I will email over the weekend. Love Marionx


  2. Maxine Halford

    I was wondering what are the chances of an audio diary – I’d love to hear the “Howling Companions”.
    Really enjoying your stories, what fun.


    1. busybeeirene Post author

      Hi Maxine, I have one at the school but decided not to blog because my F is out! When I am home I will send you an email. Just posted last blog from Hope and will post final one from home. Xx



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