The local orphanage

This morning, myself, Zoey and Robbie went to the orphanage. Mr Tree beeped the horn on the tuk tuk as we arrived and the kids came rushing out excitedly, mirroring our feelings!
Zoey was armed with bananas and treats and I brought footballs, balloons, bras and an old hat of my mother’s. It was all action straight away; the older boys pumped up the footballs and the young ones ploughed into the bananas, a young girl began to plait Zoey’s hair with flowers.


I went into the girl’s dormitory to offer them the bras, we had a lovely time and a good laugh, one of the girls asked for the hat and she’s wearing it in the photo.

Mr Tree let them all clamber in the tuk tuk and then set off, going round and round in circles, I was frantically running behind as my pipes were sliding around on the back seat, he stopped for me to get on, and off we went again.

One of the boys asked me to play as he told me that he’s learning the saxophone (he sat beside me) and it went down a treat.

When I went back to see the girls after playing my pipes, they had tried the bras on and were laughing pointing to the girl’s who they fitted. They were genuinely happy for each other and I was so happy for them.
Before leaving I was asked to play again, which of course I did but only after encouraging them to clap along.
Finally we had a group photo, it was a real coming together moment for all of us.



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