1,968 hours later…

So I am back here sitting at the kitchen table with my family, having made sense of everything.
Without a doubt it has been an incredible, heart rendering and uplifting journey for me. I have crossed paths with the most amazing and interesting people who make such a positive difference to the everyday world that we live in.
“Life hangs on a very thin thread and the cancer of time is complacency. If you are going to do something, do it now. Tomorrow is too late.” – Pete Goss.
I want to thank Sammy James Dodds for helping to improve my photographic knowledge and for taking the ‘arty’ shower photo.
I am so appreciative of everyone who followed my blog. I knew that I was sharing the experience with you all as it was happening!
I would like to thank Lily and Ella for all the encouragement and support they gave me and for taking care of everything while I was away.
Finally, thanks to Harry for helping with this video which was such fun to make and an everlasting memory.

HOPE AND BEYOND with London Grammar by Irene Robinson.


2 thoughts on “1,968 hours later…

  1. Selina Cheng

    Hello Irene, this is Selina from the restaurant in the Bangkok airport. I see that you have got home safe and sound and writing your conclusion in the kitchen as you said. I read through some of your posts and thoroughly enjoy the experience you shared, and the beautiful pictures you took. I hope South East Asia has brought you something very special in your life and that maybe one day, you will come back agin to discover its other corners. Good luck going back to “normal life” (will it ever be “normal again?), and all the best.


    1. busybeeirene Post author

      Hi Selina, it was lovely of you to take the time to check out my blog and to write your comment. Yes it’s normal life but in a different way for sure. If you do read this I do hope that journalism is going well and I know you will achieve what you want!

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